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Media Research

My learning partner, Carolina and I shared a lot of ideas, feelings and thoughts throughout the process of our film project and therefore were involved in the research task together. We both have never had any previous experience with producing films, using a digital video camera to film, film equipment or any editing software. So working as […]

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SYNOPSIS WOMEN A psychological thriller on how repressed feelings transform 3 women into murderers. By Isabel Kaiserauer and Carolina Volz This is the story of 3 childhood friends growing up together so close that they were almost inseparable. But throughout their lives they never told the truth to one another. As they grow older their […]

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Media Diary

September 27, 2016 We discussed different media language, giving our attention on image analysis such as the types of framing. We also elaborated in the meaning of “text” in media and watched American psycho. September 29, 2016 Today we analysed scenes in a movie called “A beautiful mind” and received an approval from Cambridge. We […]

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