Media Research

My learning partner, Carolina and I shared a lot of ideas, feelings and thoughts throughout the process of our film project and therefore were involved in the research task together.

We both have never had any previous experience with producing films, using a digital video camera to film, film equipment or any editing software. So working as a team was a great chance for the both of us to learn together and also both boosted our confidence.



  • Filming (hand held camera)
  • Writing scenes 1 & 2
  • Costumes and Make-up
  • Co-edited
  • Different sections of voiceover
  • Discussion of the reflection done together


  • Liasing with our actors
  • Writing scenes 3 & 4
  • Co-edited
  • Different sections of voiceover
  • Discussion of the reflection done together

In order to study the representations of women in films, we watched a range of different movies. But also to study the  technical features, including the Mise én scene.

We watched:

The silence of the Lambs (with Jodie Foster)
The Heat (with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy)
Gossip Girl (with Blake Lively)
Sex and the City (with Sarah Jessica Parker)
Desperate Housewives
Les Miserables (with Uma Thurman)
A Beautiful Mind (with Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly)

After the viewing, there was a brainstorming session between the two of us and we noted down the key features of the films that we had researched including camera angles, mise en scene and representations. We came to the common conclusion that most western films portray women in more or less similar manner, that is, not in control of situations, highly emotional, weak, unable  to make decisions, unsuitable for lead roles.

afterwards, we analysed stereotyping of women in the media and we also read several articles on stereotyping as well as sound, conventions, mise en scene etc.

Books that we read include:

  • Media Studies by Anthony Bateman et al. (Published by Routledge)
  • Media Student Book, 5th edition by Gill Branston et al. (Published by Routledge)

Articles that we read include:


Techniques researched:

Camera techniques, using digital video cameras as well as mobile phones, softwares such as WordPress, iMovie, and WeVideo. Use of audio support in presentations.

Two specialists assisted us with our research: Ms. Elif Raskin (Art & Design specialist) and Mr. Robin Ochsner (IT specialist). From both people, i learned a range of technical skills necessary for the production of our movie and reflection. A total of about 50 hours were spent on this aspect of research and learning.


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