A psychological thriller on how repressed feelings transform 3 women into murderers.

By Isabel Kaiserauer and Carolina Volz

This is the story of 3 childhood friends growing up together so close that they were almost inseparable. But throughout their lives they never told the truth to one another. As they grow older their repressed feelings of jealousy, envy and hatred towards one another gradually take control of their lives and emotions. And lead them to commit the most atrocious crime towards one another.

In the first part of the movie, we see three ten-year old girls, Jennifer Russell, Rosalyn Clark, and Cindy Parker, playing hop scotch in front of Jennifer’s house. They look very happy, almost dressed identically like 3 sisters.

In the second part of the movie, we then see Jennifer, Rosalyn and Cindy as teenagers in high school. Where they take selfies together, gossip about boys and even skip classes together to have fun in town.

Later in the movie we see them as adults where they decide together not to get married because they fear marriage could interfere with their friendships. Having coffee together, small talk and recalling their times together at school and college.

No one can suspect what is churning in their brains and hearts, as they scheme to kill one another. Jennifer’s scheme is to invite them over to her company’s Christmas party during which she plans to poison her 2 friends. Rosalyn and Cindy gladly accept the invitation. Rosalyn has the exact same idea for her two best friends and so has Cindy.

In the last scene we see the 3 friends at the Christmas party toasting to 25 years of friendship one very last time… the end.


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